How Many Teeth Can I Replace With Same Day Dental Implants In Orlando, FL?

a doctor holding up a single dental implant model to help explain to a patient how same day dental implants work.

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The Teeth in a Day protocol has revolutionized implant dentistry. With Teeth in a Day dental implants in Orlando, FL, patients can complete their smile in one day thanks to an innovative immediate-load system. The result is that patients can walk into surgery with smile gaps and walk out with a beautiful restoration that looks and feels natural.

How many teeth can people replace using the Teeth in a Day protocol? Any number! With Teeth in a day, a skilled and knowledgeable doctor can place single, multiple, or a full arch of dental implants.


Replacing One Tooth With Single Same-Day Dental Implants

When people are missing one tooth, they can have it fully replaced with an incredibly life-like single dental implant. On the day of their surgery, the doctor can place a single dental implant in the place where their tooth used to be. The doctor will then attach an abutment and a temporary crown to the dental implant, giving the patient an immediate new smile.


Multiple Same-Day Dental Implants

What happens if people are missing several teeth in a row and want an effective and efficient solution? Multiple same-day dental implants could be the perfect solution. One or more dental implants will be placed in the patients jaw. These implants will stabilize and support multiple prosthetic teeth, giving patients a new smile the same day as their surgery.


What To Expect With Full Arch Same-Day Dental Implants

Traditional dentures are better than living with a full arch of missing teeth, but they can be irritating and cause frustration (and maybe embarrassment when they slip.) Full arch Teeth in a Day dental implants in Orlando, FL, can replace all the teeth in a person’s upper or lower jaw.

Like single and multiple same-day dental implants, same-day full mouth dental implants can give patients a brand-new smile in one day. This means that patients can walk into a dental office without a full arch of teeth and walk out with a full arch of beautiful, new, and functional teeth.


Learn More About The Magic Of Same Day Dental Implants In Orlando, FL

Nothing can compare with the pure magic of being able to walk into a doctor’s office without teeth and leave with a radiant new smile. At Implants4All, we regularly place same-day dental implants of all types. In fact, our practice has a reputation for excellence and attracts patients from around the country who are seeking a high-quality dental implant experience.

Don’t wait to get the functional and beautiful new smile you need and deserve with Teeth in a Day dental implants. Get in contact with Dr. Alex Planes and our quality team at our Implants4All office to schedule an appointment today!

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