Is Digital Smile Design Technology Able To Help Me Plan My Dental Implant Procedure In Orlando, FL?

image of a patient smiling as he eats his food because digital smile design technology was used to accurately place his dental implants.

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Many people have trouble picturing how they will look after they get treated with dental implants. Although they are eager to restore the health, beauty, and functionality of their smile with dental implants, they can be unsure about committing to the finished results. 

However, when a skilled doctor uses Digital Smile Design technology to plan a patient’s dental implants in Orlando, FL, they can accurately predict how the patient’s customized new smile will look when it’s done.


How Does Digital Smile Design Work To Predict My New Smile With Dental Implants In Orlando, FL?

Digital Smile Design technology relies on advanced software to create a digital mockup of a patient’s smile. The software constructs the mockup of the patient’s new smile with dental implants using a variety of images and, in some cases, videos. The outcome is a digital picture that can be seen and manipulated on a computer screen. The picture can also be shared between doctors and providers to give patients the smile of their dreams.

What Do Dental Implant Patients Appreciate About Digital Smile Design Technology?

Digital Smile Design technology provides many benefits to patients who want to have predictable dental implant procedure outcomes.

Enhanced Communication:

It is much easier for patients to express their goals and ask specific questions to the doctor when they have a digital mockup of their future smile as a reference. In fact, cutting-edge doctors really appreciate Digital Smile Design Technology because it opens the door to a deeper, more trusting relationship between doctors and patients.

Improved Education: 

Knowledge is power, particularly when it comes to patients understanding every step in the smile transformation process. Digital Smile Design images can be helpful in educating patients on the ways the structures in their mouth work together. 

Greater Control:

Patients deserve to feel in control of their dental implant treatment. After all, it is their smile being worked on. Digital Smile Design technology empowers them to say yes or no to certain procedures, depending on the smile they see on the screen.

What Can You Expect From The Digital Smile Design Process For Dental Implant Procedures?

At a modern office, the doctor can leverage Digital Smile Design technology during the initial consultation. As part of the patient’s first examination, the doctor and team members will take many digital photographs. The photographs are fed into the Digital Smile Design software where they are interpreted and used to map out a brand-new smile for the patient.

When the final 3D image is complete, it shows how dental implants (and possibly other restorative or cosmetic dentistry solutions) can change the patient’s look. Patients appreciate being able to visualize their treatment and frequently feel more comfortable and confident moving forward in the procedure process.

The Digital Smile Design images can also be useful to the doctor during the rest of their dental implant procedure process


Come To Our Office To Get Your Predictable Dental Implants 

If one of your biggest worries in getting treated with dental implants is wondering how you will look at the end of your treatment, consider coming to our state-of-the-art office. Our doctors know the importance of Digital Smile Design tools and love to use those tools to help patients get a better sense of what their new smile will look like with dental implants. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with Dr. Alex Planes and our exceptional team at our Implants4All office to schedule an appointment today! Your precisely designed new smile could be just a few appointments away. 

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