Is Getting Dental Implants With Severe Bone Loss Possible In Winter Springs, FL?

a single dental implant, and the top of its post, shown in the the gums of a dental implant model

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It may be heard that patients cannot get dental implants if the bone in the patient’s jaw has begun to lose its strength. This is only half true. Many adults with lower-than-normal bone density have been able to receive single and full-mouth dental implants. However, they must first undergo special bone grafting procedures. And those are best done by a dentist who has experience helping people with severe bone loss in Winter Springs, FL.


A Bit About Bone Loss in the Jaw

Before explaining different bone grafting treatment options that dentists like Dr. Alex Planes typically recommend, it should be discussed why and when the jawbone begins to lose its density.

As it turns out, the teeth are more important than many might think. Tooth roots sit in the jawbone and stimulate the bone to stay strong and healthy. Consequently, when a tooth is knocked out, falls out, never comes in, or needs to be extracted, the bone is left without any stimulation.

If nothing replaces the tooth root, the bone will gradually begin to be reabsorbed. This causes the bone to become weaker and weaker. When the bone weakens, it begins to affect the overall shape of the jaw. It can be noticed in ones own jawline or the jawline of others who have been missing teeth for years.

It would be impossible for a dental implant to be stable if it were surgically placed in a weak jawbone. But bone grafting can be an excellent solution to restore the jaw and make it suitable for receiving all types of dental implants.

Pre-Implant, Bone Grafting Solutions

Although all bone grafting procedures help the jawbone regain its strength, every type of bone grafting is somewhat unique. Three kinds of bone grafting procedures Dr. Planes and his colleagues commonly perform include:

Sinus Lifts:

During a sinus lift, the upper jaw is augmented with bone grafting material. Sinus lifts can also be useful if patients have decent bone density but not enough bone volume to support dental implants.

Socket Preservation:

What if a patient needs to have a tooth extracted? Socket preservation involves packing grafting material into the newly empty tooth socket area. Socket preservation works to prevent bone loss from starting.

Ridge Augmentation:

If a patient’s jaw ridge has been compromised by years of bone loss, ridge augmentation can bring back its natural contours. Even if a patient does not choose dental implants, a dentist will find that dentures will likely fit better after ridge augmentation.


Talk With a Dentist About Your Severe Bone Loss in Winter Springs, FL

Dentistry has come very far, which means you no longer have to live with the aesthetic, functional, and health-related problems associated with severe bone loss in Winter Springs, FL. Talk with Dr. Planes or any of our doctors about regaining your bone volume so you can become a candidate for revolutionary dental implants.

You can reach Dr. Planes and his highly skilled team at our Winter Springs Family Dental office to schedule an appointment today. We also have many other locations in southern Florida.

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