Scared To Get Dental Implants In Winter Springs, FL?

a dental implant patient inhaling nitrous oxide for her sedation dentistry needs.

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There are plenty of benefits to getting dental implants. Nevertheless, some people may still be afraid to make a consultation with a dentist who places single or full mouth dental implants. With sedation dentistry in Winter Springs, FL, patients can rest easy.

Our dental professionals know it is not the surgery itself that patients are worried about. It’s the fear related to the possibility that they might feel uncomfortable or experience pain during the dental implant procedure. Continue reading to find out more about how sedation dentistry can treat anxiety.


Dental Fear: An Anxiety Shared By Countless People

It’s important for patients to understand that the fear they have of going to the dentist is common. A DentaVox survey indicated that more than six out of 10 people say they have this condition. Patients won’t offend their trusted doctor by saying that they get anxious around dental tools or in dental offices. In fact, doctors understand that many adults are scared to even get checkups and cleanings, let alone dental implant surgery.

Why is dental fear normal for so many people? It can come from a variety of sources, including having a bad dental experience as a child or having a low tolerance for pain. Regardless of why patients may be scared to even make an appointment to talk about dental implants, sedation dentistry in Winter Springs, FL can help.

What Should You Know About Sedation Dentistry In Winter Springs, FL?

Sedation dentistry is a niche form of dentistry that’s very patient-centered. Using sedation methods like nitrous oxide and oral sedation, in combination with other numbing agents, a doctor can ensure that patients remain stress-free, calm, and pain-free throughout their dental implant surgery.

These sedation dentistry techniques work extremely well. They also work rapidly. For instance, when patients breathe in nitrous oxide, they can expect to relax almost immediately. Nitrous oxide used to be called “laughing gas” because people felt so happy when they breathed it into their lungs! Although prescription oral sedatives take a little longer to work, they also leave patients feeling at ease instead of tense or nervous.

Is Sedation Dentistry In Winter Springs, FL Safe?

When monitored by trusted and skilled dental providers, sedation dentistry can be extremely safe. It’s a practical way to get all the advantages that come with restoring a smile with dental implants, such as:

  • Being able to eat nutritious meals without worry.
  • Feeling great when looking in the mirror.
  • Reducing a patient’s chances of extensive bone loss throughout their jawbone.
  • Improving their overall dental health and warding off gum disease and other conditions.


Get Your Life Altering Dental Implants With Us

If you’ve hesitated to make a call to a dental implant specialist because you feel afraid, we can help you. At your first visit, we’ll show you around our modern office and help you see how we use sedation dentistry to put our patients’ needs and comfort first. Get in contact with Dr. Alex Planes at our Implants4All office to schedule an appointment today.

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