What Are The Benefits Of Teeth In A Day In Vero Beach, FL?

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You may have heard people talking about Teeth in a Day, the revolutionary dental implant solution that replaces missing teeth permanently. Do you know about all the benefits and opportunities that come along with investing in Teeth in a Day in Vero Beach, FL, though? If not, prepare to be surprised—and excited, especially if you are tired of living without teeth or dealing with the challenges of removable dentures. Teeth in a Day are without a doubt one of the biggest advancements to come to implant dentistry.

There are four major advantages that come when you work with a trusted, skilled implant dentist to receive Teeth in a Day in Vero Beach, FL.


1. An Instant Smile

The name “Teeth in a Day” really says it all. The Teeth in a Day protocol allows you to receive a temporary, beautifully-designed full-arch bridge on the same day that your implants are placed. Years ago, you would have had to wait for several months to gain a functional smile. With Teeth in a Day, you can walk out of your surgery with a set of teeth that you can use right away. This is what doctors refer to as “immediate load” implants because the implants are positioned so precisely that they can handle some biting and chewing forces even before the implants fuse with the bone around them.


2. A Predictable Treatment And Outcome

Implant dentists who specialize in Teeth in a Day use high-tech tools and advanced processes to take the guesswork out of placing implants. The high level of predictability means huge benefits to you. Not only can you feel good that you will love your Teeth in a Day in Vero Beach, FL, but you can be sure that you will have the outcome you envision.


3. An Easy-To-Care-For Smile

Think that taking care of Teeth in a Day implants must be difficult? Think again! Once they have been placed and the surgical sites begin to heal, Teeth in a Day implants need only normal oral hygiene care. You do not have to buy extra gadgets to maintain your smile. Just take care of your prosthetic and gums as you would regularly do. Be sure to keep your appointments with all dental providers, too.


4. Improved Self-Confidence

Time and again, people who receive Teeth in a Day dental implants say they feel much more confident. Remember: Having a mouthful of failing or missing teeth can be embarrassing and sometimes uncomfortable. With Teeth in a Day, you never have to worry again about smiling, talking, or eating in public. Teeth in a Day is truly life-changing and not just health-improving!


Update: Most People Are Candidates For Dental Implants!

Even if you have been told by other implant dentists that you could never undergo a treatment like Teeth in a Day, you have the right to get a second opinion. At Implants 4 All, we often meet with people who have been turned down for dental implants because of a wide range of reasons. Usually, we can figure out a plan to help them receive some type of removable or fixed tooth replacement solution, even if it is something other than Teeth in a Day.

To book your appointment at any of our locations in Florida, please complete our online form or call the Implants 4 All office closest. Our implant dentists have placed more than 5,000 implants and welcome the chance to add you to our growing list of ecstatic patients with brilliant new smiles!

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