What Is Zirconia And How Does It Affect My Dental Implants in Palm City, FL?

dental patients smiling with each other because they have been treated with restorative zirconia dental implants.

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Just when you thought you knew everything about the basics of dental implants, you hear about the possibility of receiving zirconia dental implants in Palm City, Florida. But what is zirconia? And does it matter if you choose it over traditional titanium for your upcoming implant surgery?


A Quick Overview of Zirconia Implants and Their Benefits

Zirconia, which can be referred to as zirconium dioxide, is a hard, ceramic substance. For about a decade, zirconia has been used instead of titanium to create dental implants for some people.

What makes zirconia a preferred dental implant substance in many cases? Below are just a few of the advantages of zirconia:

Zirconia is non-metallic.

If you have a metal allergy or want to avoid having metals used in your cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments, you can rely on zirconia as a trusted alternative.

Zirconia is biocompatible.

Your soft and hard tissues should appreciate your new zirconia dental implants. Zirconia fuses naturally with bone material. Plus, it will not corrode under wet conditions because it is metal-free.

Zirconia is stable and sturdy.

As a ceramic, zirconia has enough strength to support both single dental implants and zirconia removable and fixed bridges. That means you can bite and chew normally thanks to your zirconia dental implants.

Zirconia resists bacteria and plaque build-up.

Because of its super-smooth surface, zirconia makes it hard for bacteria, plaque, and calculus to stick. This helps reduce your chances of developing peri-implantitis or an infection under the gums.

Zirconia has a white color.

When you receive zirconia dental implants in Palm City, Florida, you will notice that the part of the implant below the gum blends in because it is light-colored instead of metallic.

Zirconia can be used for your prosthesis.

A dentist with training can use zirconia for every part of your dental implant solution, including a customized crown or arch. Again, this allows you to have an inert, metal-less replacement for your missing tooth or teeth.


Zirconia Dental Implants in Palm City, FL: Aesthetically Beautiful, Structurally Sound

Do you like the idea of learning more about zirconia dental implants to bring your smile back to life? Set up a time to meet with Dr. Alex Planes at Implants 4 All. Dr. Planes has extensive experience in placing dental implants. He also received his International Congress of Oral Implantologists mastership status.

To speak with our doctors, Dr. Alex Planes, Dr. Josh Chupp, Dr. Lazaro Gavilla, and Dr. Karl Wiese, about zirconia dental implant placement at any of our Florida offices across western Florida, please request an appointment online today!

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